14 best kids' pencil cases for girls & boys: Back to school 2023 | HELLO!

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If you're a parent thinking about back to school in autumn 2023, you're probably trying to make sure that your children have not just all the stationery they need, but also that they're able to store it all in durable, functional pencil cases. As a shopping editor (and the mum of a teenager), I have quite a few back to school shopping seasons under my belt, so I'm here to help you find the best options so your child will be well prepared to kick off the school year. felt learning board

14 best kids' pencil cases for girls & boys: Back to school 2023 | HELLO!

So if you're looking for the best pencil cases for boys and girls, whether youngsters or secondary school students, I have just the list for you.

I'm sharing my top picks for such categories such as best budget pencil case and best large capacity case for girls and boys, plus the top soft, clear, personalised and fun novelty cases for kids, too – along with the pros and cons for each. All to make your back to school shopping that much easier.

"If there's one thing you absolutely can't live without when you have school-age kids, it's a pencil case," says HELLO! Online Senior Lifestyle Editor Katherine Robinson. "Apart from the fact that it keeps all their stationery neat and organised, getting a new one for the start of school brings a bit of excitement to quell the nerves they sometimes feel. It's become a back-to-school tradition for us now, and we always get ours from Amazon as there are plenty of deals to take advantage of."

Eastpak has always been one of my favourite back-to-school brands because of its durability and reliability. And this pencil case, which comes in more than 25 different colours and patterns, has earned a 4.7-star rating on Amazon with more than 15,000 reviews. 

Pros: This roomy pencil case is not too big, not too small - plus it is streamlined, durable and stylish. One secondary school student who gave the Eastpak pencil case top marks on Amazon raved: "The pencil case is amazing. It’s strong and sturdy yet looks classic and clean... I wanted a pencil case that could help me be organised and have a lot of room (as well as being aesthetic)."

Cons: With a regular price of £21, this pencil case is on the pricier side – I recommend shopping a colour that's in the sale so you can get the pencil case for around £13 instead.

Amazon's bestselling pencil cases are simple and utilitarian, covering the main basics – great pencil cases for secondary school students.

Pros: Reviewers love this pencil case because it's so roomy and keeps things organised with lots of compartments and pockets. One parent enthused, “This pencil case is perfect for my daughter starting secondary school. Plenty of room in the middle pocket for calculator, maths set in a tin, scissors, glue sticks etc... And side sections with mesh pockets and pen holder loops for all her pens and coloured pencils. It is really nice quality.”

Cons: Like many Amazon finds, Vnieetsr isn't a well-known brand, but for me the consistent good reviews offset the risk. Also a con - colour choices are limited, plus take note: one verified buyer thought the case came with the school supplies in the product photo. Extra items shown in the picture are not included!

Pros: Well thought-out design with front flap and large compartments make it easy to organise everything. It's available in a wide range of colours, including black, blue, green, pink and purple.

Cons: Like the previous pencil case, this one's also by a little-known brand. Reviewers say the smallest inserts don't make sense as 'nothing actually stays in them', while other reviewers noted the bag doesn't feel 'sturdy' and the front zip feel's 'a little sticky'.

With the 'aesthetic' trend, older kids are looking for accessories that have a chic vibe that would look great on TikTok or Instagram.

Kipling's pencil cases are so cool, and older kids (even uni students) will love both the style and the practicality.

Pros:  These top-rated pencil cases, which have a perfect 5-star rating on the Kipling site, fit 100 pens, come in an array of colours and are available in medium size too. "I really like how it packs neatly in my bag and when unzipped I can see everything!" said one uni student reviewer.

Easthill’s style-savvy pencil cases are functional but also would look right at home on social media.

Pros: Has a front window so you can see inside, and is cute and sturdy enough to double as a travel or cosmetics case.

Cons: While the case has over 34k 5-star ratings, many Amazon shoppers took stars off, saying it gets dirty easily, and isn't as big as they expected

If you're looking for a pencil case that goes above and beyond with special features and accessories included, these are the pop-out pencil cases to shop now.

Pros: Includes not just two compartments pens and pencils, plus also features like a built-in calculator and pencil sharpener. 

Cons: While it does have bells and whistles, more moving parts means more opportunity for pieces breaking and the basic calculator may seem unnecessary.

Pros: This type of pencil case will definitely add some fun to your child's school day and stand out from the pencil case crowd, especially for gamers.

Cons: With so many features and compartments ( a card timetable to keep you on track with lessons, tiny scissors, sticky tape, sharpener and eraser) the most important role of the pencil case – storing pencils and pens – seems to take a back seat.

These pencil cases are quirky and fun, and allow kids and teens to express their hobbies and personalities. They have their own sets of pros and cons though.

They're fun but maybe not strictly functional - so it might not be the best choice if all you want is practicality.

Pros: This unique pencil case is so adorable and is basically like having a toy instead of a boring pencil case.

Cons: It's only one compartment - plus the shape isn't very practical in terms of easily packing away in a school bag. 

£7.99 each at H&M

Pros: Because they're H&M you know they're right on trend - and at the right price. Plus I love the fuzzy textured pencil cases, they're so fun.

Cons: As with many novelty pencil cases, these only have one compartment and are somewhat higher on fun factor than ready-for-class quotient.

Family-founded UK brand Tinc specialises in 'lifestyle stationery' and I find the brand's cute pencil's cases to be so irresistible.

Pros: The fun characters really appeal to kids. As one John Lewis reviewer said: "My grandson has autism and just loved this to put small toys in. He takes it everywhere with him. The product is not just quirky to look at but the texture is soft for a younger (age 8) child. Just love it, thank you."

Cons: There's not a lot of room, and some shoppers say their children are using it for other purposes instead of keeping pencils. As one said, "Beware if buying with the intention of using as a pencil case for more than a couple of pencils."

Pros: The design of this pencil car is top notch - and shoppers say not only to kids love it, but it feels "sturdy" and "well made".

Cons: The colours aren't as vibrant as in the photos, say reviewers.

Ryman's clear pencil cases have a five-star rating and are priced low enough to buy in bulk.

Pros: Good price-quality ratio. Reviewers called this pencil case "cool" and "brilliant", and commented positively on strength and zipper quality.

Cons: While transparent cases are great for exams, some students might prefer a multi-compartment canvas case.

With this personalised case, not only is it easy to see what’s inside, but a clearly-printed name means it won’t be accidentally picked up by someone else in class.

Personalised clear pencil case, £4 at Etsy

Pros: Easily identifiable and it comes in a range of colours to suit any taste. This personalised pencil case is also from a UK-based shop (Fox and Rainbow) so delivery is speedy, even for custom items.

Cons: Because of the personalised detail, it is more expensive than a standard clear pencil case.

Rachel Ellen’s pencil cases are well-made and have colourful fun designs for boys and girls, with the brand’s cheery signature characters will bring a smile to your little one’s face.

Pros: The colourful pencil cases are not just fun, but also made from durable neoprene.

Cons: It's a single compartment pencil case which means you may need more than one to keep stationery organised.

14 best kids' pencil cases for girls & boys: Back to school 2023 | HELLO!

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