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Skyjack’s SJ6832 RTE is a battery- or hybrid-powered rough-terrain scissor lift that can work equally well outdoors or inside. It offers 32-ft. platform height, 1,000-lb. capacity, exhaust-free operation, and the same roughterrain performance as a diesel-powered lift.

Powerful rough-terrain performance was a major requirement when Skyjack developed this battery-powered version of its 68-in. RT scissor lift. “We take the RT designation very seriously,” says Barry Greenaway, scissor product manager. “We didn’t want managers to have to compromise between diesel and electric performance.” Skyjack hit that goal. The SJ6832 RTE offers the same drive-at-full-height capability, 3.5-mph stowed travel speed, and four-wheel-drive power as the diesel machine, but it will climb a 45% grade—5% more than the diesel version. Double A Battery Charger

Skyjack's SJ6832 RTE Scissor Lift Shows Benefits | Lift and Access

In his presentation at the Showcase, Greenaway said that from the main hydraulic pump on, the SJ6832 RTE’s power train is identical to the diesel version’s. That makes it familiar both for users and maintenance technicians. Using many of the same components also reduces parts inventory.

Ample Power Where the RTE model differs from the diesel brethren is its power source: eight 6V deep-cycle batteries. Flooded lead-acid batteries rated at 250Ah are standard; low-maintenance AGM batteries rated at 330Ah are optional.

The 48V electrical system delivers plenty of power and working time. In Skyjack tests, the standard batteries completed 85 continuous duty cycles, or three hours of nonstop operation, on one charge. Greenaway said the higher amp-hour AGM batteries would’ve gone over 110 cycles, or nearly four hours. That equals at least a full day of work on a typical jobsite.The electrical system can also provide power to run electric tools, and the basic electrical system has an onboard charger that plugs into wall power.

For units that will be used where there is no plug-in power, or that will work multiple shifts daily, the optional onboard gasoline-fueled charging generator can recharge the batteries while the lift is in use. Greenaway says Skyjack chose the 2.2kW generator because it cost-effectively increases working time.

It can run continuously for six hours on one fueling and offers four modes of operation: It can run continuously. The operator can start and stop it manually from the platform or chassis controls. It can be set to start automatically when the batteries have discharged by 40%. And when exhaust-free operation is required, it can be shut off completely. 

The crossover symmetrical hydraulic travel system delivers full-time four-wheel drive, with diagonally located wheels paired up. The right front wheel is coupled hydraulically to the left rear, and the left front wheel is coupled to the right rear. Even if one wheel loses traction there is always at least one wheel on each side of the lift still driving. The arrangement provides ample traction while eliminating the need for an oscillating axle. The foam-filled, non-marking, rough-terrain tires provide traction on rugged ground and also run softly on finished floors.

The lift stands 8'11" long, 5'9.5" wide, and 8'3" tall when stowed. Folding down the platform rails cuts the overall height to 5'9". That compactness and a 5'0" inside turning radius make the SJ6832 RTE easy to maneuver.

Simple and Reliable The SJ6832 RTE continues Skyjack’s focus on simplicity and reliability. It uses relay-driven controls made of commonly available parts, and it has Skyjack’s color-coded and numbered wiring, which simplifies troubleshooting. The SJ6832 RTE also uses the same sturdy and proven chassis, scissor stack, and platform as the diesel and dual-fuel versions. That includes the scissor stack’s unique clevis design for the ends of the scissor arms, which reduces stress and increases rigidity by distributing loads over a larger area of the pins.

Platform and Controls The SJ6832 RTE offers plenty of platform capacity and work room. The all-steel platform features a checkered tread plate anti-slip surface and a 6-in.-high toe board. The main platform measures 4'8" wide and 8'0" long and can hold 1,000 lbs., including up to four people. The 5'0" slide-out extension deck increases the work area length to 13 ft. It rolls out smoothly on roll- ers mounted at the end of the main platform, where debris will not interfere with their opera- tion. With the deck extended, capacity on the extension is 300 lbs. and capacity on the main platform is 700 lbs., for a total of 1,000 lbs. The SJ6832 RTE can be driven at full height with the deck extended and fully loaded.

The platform control box hangs on the rails and can be easily picked up and carried around by the operator for easy operation. Its long cable enables the operator to travel the machine from outside for easier loading onto trucks. A quick disconnect lets the control box be removed easily for secure storage. Operation of all functions is proportional and the single joystick has the enable switch conveniently built in.

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Skyjack's SJ6832 RTE Scissor Lift Shows Benefits | Lift and Access

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