The Best Potato Soup Recipe (+VIDEO) - The Girl Who Ate Everything

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The Best Potato Soup Recipe (+VIDEO) - The Girl Who Ate Everything

Crock pot Potato Soup couldn’t be any easier and is the ultimate comfort food. It’s cooked all day in the slow cooker and is great recipe for a cold day. Top with salty bacon, cheese, and green onions for a loaded baked potato soup.

This is the best soup and is so versatile – add broccoli or ham to give it a twist. This easy recipe will become your go-to crockpot potato soup recipe that the whole family loves.

I’m not handling this cold weather gracefully.

I know my husband dreams that someday we will move to somewhere colder but I really can’t do cold weather.

Like really. Today it was 39 degrees here in Florida and I wanted to huddle in a ball and do nothing all day. Is that normal?

Or are some people invigorated by the cold weather? I braved the cold during my college years and I don’t think I took off my pea coat the entire four years.

This easy potato soup recipe has a really high taste to effort ratio. Just throw it in the Crock Pot and you have a delicious soup. Sure I have this Creamy Chicken and Potato soup but this one is so easy!

This is the best potato soup recipe with a creamy texture. Add some extra cheese on top to make it an out of this world cheesy potato soup.

If you’re someone who gets scared from the one cream of chicken soup in this than you can make this Creamy Ham version of Potato Soup. It’s great too.

Then if you’re a mean mom like me you’ll make your kids stir in some steamed broccoli. They actually didn’t mind at all.

Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge!

If you don’t want to use frozen potatoes you can use fresh potatoes like Russet potatoes or Yukon Gold potatoes. Dice the potatoes and continue with the directions.

It’s all about the toppings! Add some bacon, a dollop of sour cream, sharp cheddar cheese, and green onions to your potato soup bowls.

Serve with steamed veggies or a salad.

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100 of my favorite recipes! This is the family-friendly cookbook for anyone looking to plan quick-and-easy meals and wants a way to bring people together, feasting on food which can only be described as scrumptious.

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The onion never got soft in the slow cooker, and it needed soo much more seasoning. A fine base to start with.

If I were to double this, would the cook time and everything be the same?

I always double mine and the time works the same for me. I have a big crockpot too.

Does this soup reheat well?


My boyfriend and I loved this meal! We’re all for easy recipes, and this one was amazing!! I do have a question, though. If I were to double the batch, would I need to change the cooking time?

You might need to add a little bit. Just make sure the potatoes are soft

We love this recipe, thank you! I think the first time I did use my immersion blender – but found my people actually prefer the little bites of potato. So now I just drop in a bag of frozen cubed potatoes and FINALLY I have an easy meal all 3 kids enjoy – and mom and dad too!

Lately I’ve been adding half pound bacon to cook with the soup, other half pound for topping. I also blend it with an emulsion blender. Deeeeeeelicious. Perfect for busy week nights. 

Each week a group of 11 cooks get together and discuss new recipes. We bring our cookbooks and tell of the recipe we have made. Sometimes we bring samples. I must say this potato soup recipe received 5 stars. Trying to find your new book. If I find it I am going to use it for my new book for discussion. I love bringing the recipe that gets the 5 stars. Thanks a million for what you have brought to the cooking industry.                  Mary(Cissie)Fuller

This is how I do potato soup but have never used the cream cheese or the cream of chicken, and it is ok but it’s a water consistency lol whereas the other ingredients will thicken it will have to try it out. But the serving size says 1/8 of a cup is that correct?

serving size is 1/8 of the recipe

Hi could this be frozen? 

Cooked this and threw in some cubed ham towards the end. It turned out delicious but I felt like it had more of a runny mashed potato consistency than a soup consistency. I would still use this recipe again in the future! 

You are my go to page! I live trying and making your recipes ❤️Thank you for sharing such great food ideas. This soup is one of our favorites😊( making keto egg roll in a bowl tonight tho) another fabulous recipe for those who follow this page! 

Hello! Do you think I would be able to double this recipe in a standard crockpot? feeding a crowd. Thanks!

If I were to cook this on high for 3 hours, when I add the cream cheese in how long should that melt for while on high?

I would make sure it is softened first then add in small chunks and stir well.

I love this recipe! We make it frequently at my house. I do make one important change though, I find I like the consistency of the soup better if it’s cooked on high for about 1 and a half to 2 hours instead of low for longer. It’s delicious both ways of course, but I think using the low temp method has soft potatoes sitting in the liquid too long, and it’s easy to end up with more of a lumpy mashed potato instead of a soup. Also you can use onion powder instead of the chopped onions. I love to do that with my soup because I think it gives more concentrated flavor and it gets distributed well in every bite.

What size Crock Pot should I use? Thanks.

a 6-8 quart crockpot would work

I can use fresh potatoes and the cooking time and instructions are all the same??

Delicious!  I took the suggestion from another reviewer and used a bag of O’Brien potatoes with the peppers and onions in it. It was a couple ounces less than 30 ounces, but it made no difference whatsoever. I also used an entire box of 32 ounces of chicken stock, unsalted. So that was a few more ounces than the two 14 ounce cans of chicken broth. But that also made no difference whatsoever. I added fresh parsley for a color. And lots of fresh ground pepper. I would recommend if doing this in an instant pot on slow cook, or a crockpot that you bring the frozen bag of hash brown potatoes to room temperature, that is thaw it. Because mine was frozen, and it took really forever for the crockpot to come up to temperature. Other than those couple of minor changes, I followed the recipe, and it really was a winner. I took it to a party that was a soup and grilled cheese party. It was a total hit. Thanks for this recipe.

Would it work to do this on high for 2.5 to 3 hours instead of low for 5-6?

I did my first time on High for 3 hrs and it was perfect! 

I want to try this. However, I don’t have any cream of anything soup. Can I still make it? Also, can I use my Insta Pot?

It depends on your slow cooker! They all run a little different.

Can I make this recipe and use canned whole potatoes? 

I haven’t tried it but I don’t see why not.


If you wanted to add corn and/or ham to this when would you do it? 


I would do it towards the last hour

This doesn’t call for salt? Are we supposed to put salt in it? And if we use potatoes instead of the hashbrowns do we need to add seasoning?

I use low sodium chicken broth and never add salt.  With the cheese, broth, and bacon bits, it has the perfect amount of salt.  

I love salty food and I’ve never added salt when cooking nor eating. I use regular chicken broth and soup. 


I couldn’t get the frozen hashbrowns that I wanted so I am going to cut up potatoes. How many potatoes should I use?

Do you have a kitchen scale? You could weigh out the same amount?

Has anybody added broccoli to this recipe?  I would like to add, but will be using frozen. Do you defrost first? And when do you add it?  Thanks in advance for anyone that can help. 

Sorry I have not added broccoli but from experience with frozen broccoli and soups you will not have to defrost it first. It should only need an hour to cook in the soup.

Hands down the best loaded potato soup recipe ever!!!!   My family begs me to make it year round  

It says 2 (14 oz) cans of broth. So it that 14 oz total of the broth, or is it 28 oz total? I’m confused.

28 ounces total. two cans of broth


Can’t wait to try it ☺️!!

When do you add the optional broccoli?  I will be using frozen broccoli. 

It says 2 (14 oz) cans of broth. So it that 14 oz total of the broth, or is it 28 oz total? I’m confused.

Sorry didn’t mean to reply to this lol

Hi! I’m a totally inexperienced cook, but I made this tonight. I did 32 oz of hashbrowns and cream of potato soup. I had to turn the heat to high around hour 3. At 5.5 hours the hasbrowns were soft and I had to smash it. Is that normal? They never disintegrated. Should I try 8 to 9 hours on low? What are your thoughts? I so want this to be a regular!

Weird? What brand were they

Right? It was a regular grocery store brand. Nothing special. But the only one that I could find.

If I wanted to add bacon to the soup as well would I cook the bacon and add it when I add the cream cheese?

I personally would add it as you serve because I like it crunchy

I have made this recipe more times than I can count at this point and it’s always SO GOOD! I was looking for an easy potato soup recipe and I’m so happy this was the first I tried because it was an instant classic. I have yet to give anyone a bowl who didn’t love it.

Paula Dean version

Can you add chicken to this recipe? Would you be able to cook it in it or add shredded afterwards? The soup looks amazing.cant wait to try it!

Ok, this soup is really good and creamy. I read the reviews and agree that cream cheese should be cut in half. Heres my biggest complaint…..and I’m SERIOUS…. This recipe DOES NOT YIELD 8 SERVINGS. No way, I fed my 17 year old son, his, friend, had a tiny bowl myself, gave my 8 year old a small bowl and have barely left for my husband, which makes me sad.

It’s a family favorite, but today I tried something different. We are in the process of trying to find out my son’s trigger food and he believes it may be potatoes so today I replaced the potatoes with Cauliflower. It wasn’t as good as usual, but not bad at all. Everyone ate without complaints so I’m happy.

I accidentally bought crispy hash browns and didn’t realize until I got home. It’s in the crock pot now but I’m so worried they are just going to disintegrate. Am I correct? 🙁 

Yes, they will disintegrate but might work

If you were to use raw potatoes 🥔 instead of frozen-how long would you cook it for?

Can you make this on the stove top?

Sure! Just simmer until potatoes are tender.

It says 8 servings…about how big is a serving? Thanks

Would you ever use cream of bacon soup as a substitute for cream of chicken?

I haven’t tried it but it’s worth a try

I did and it was amazing!

What if we don’t have cream of chicken soup? What can use to substitute?

Cream of mushroom or celery?

**This is the absolute Best Recipe!** Easy & Delicious ! My man doesn’t usually say much when served dinner—but he loved this so much! 45 minutes after eating he went back for seconds & he wanted it again for supper!  We added celery, a small bag frozen carrots & diced ham & it was phenomenal! There are so many things you can do with this easy & delicious recipe (like add broccoli if you want) OR eat just like this!  Thank you for the great recipe!! We will make 

Love love love it. Thanks so much for sharing. 

I made this last Christmas and it has quickly become my go-to for parties. I made it again for a dinner party last night and it was a hit! To the point my husband asked for it for dinner tonight too.

I sub the cream of chicken for cream of potato & the chicken broth to a veggie broth for my vegetarian niece. It’s delicious & I’m so glad you shared!

Can I put this on high to finish it faster? I’m hungry…. 

What size of crock pot are you using for this recipe? Can’t wait to try it tonight!!

Really good recipe. I just made a couple of changes. I added garlic powder. Then I did want more of a soup consistency so instead of adding more broth or milk I added heavy cream. I also added about a cup of shredded cheese. I mashed a few of the potatoes too for a thicker consistency. Yes I know I added heavy cream but it was a bit too thin lol. Not very many just a few. It releases the starches and it’s a natural thickener. I didn’t add salt but it did taste salty a bit. So, I might do 2 cups of broth and 2 cups of water next time. I think it’s because of the extra salt in the cream of chicken soup. I didn’t have bacon so next time I’ll buy to have with it. Very good.

I forgot to say I used regular potatoes I cut up. I felt hash browns might be weird.

Glad you got it to work

Can I use a cream of something else besides chicken? I really want to try this recipe but I can’t stand the taste of cream of chicken. Let me know so I can make this today

you can use cream of celery or really any other cream based soup

When I make soups or a pot roast in my crock pot it always gets watered down by the condensation. Your soup looks nice and thick.  I just read that you can put 2 paper towels over the pot before closing to catch the condensation. Is this what you did? Thank you.

I lay a dish towel over my slow cooker then put lid on it to collect condensation all the time, works perfectly

I don’t do that but you can

Can you freeze this one?

Can I use real potatoes instead of hash browns?

I failed to but hash browns at the store. Can I use crinkle cut french fries?

I would hesitate only bc frozen French fries are already fried; frozen shredded/cubed potatoes generally are not, but always check the ingredient label. Hope this helps 🙂

They are usually fried? But if you get the raw ones maybe

Is there an Instant Pot version of this delicious meal? Thanks. 

I mad it in the IP and cooked it for 5 minutes and before I released it, another 2 minutes passed. It tasted great but the potatoes were a little mushy. Next time Ill try 4 minutes and quick release immediately. 🙂

There should be. Just cook for 30 minutes on high pressure.

I’ve been making this recipe for years. I follow it exactly and it turns out awesome every time. It’s my go to lazy recipe when I don’t feel like cooking much, I even use frozen diced onions. I do recommend taking the time to do the toppings tho, I always at least shred a little cheese and chop some green onions. If I have the time to fry the bacon it really takes it up a notch. Serve it with some crescent rolls and it’s one of the easiest meals to make.

Use real bacon bits. I put them in while it’s cooking and on top. Tastes just as good as if I fried them myself.

I have made this numerous times after finding it last year. I eat soup 12 months a year, but this one more on chilly days. I Love chowder so always add sweet corn to this and have made chicken corn chowder and ham corn chowder from this recipe. All my variations, as well as the original are excellent!

So happy to hear that!

How many ounces or cups is 1/8 of the recipe?  I count my calories so I’m trying to get as close to the exact amount as possible.  I see it says 1 gram but that’s pretty much a spoonful lol so I didn’t think that was accurate. 

I'm Christy Denney, and I eat everything. I'm a mom of five, wife, and cookbook author from Florida now living in Utah. I can't be left alone with a warm cinnamon roll or chocolate chip cookie.

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The Best Potato Soup Recipe (+VIDEO) - The Girl Who Ate Everything

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