LED Signs: Recommendations for Your Business

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Scrolling LED signs can display information quickly and efficiently to communicate messages about your small business. Best of all, you can change the message as often as you want without much effort. The best scrolling LED sign can now go well beyond displaying letters and text. You can show high-resolution graphics, special fonts, and your logo all in different colors. Outdoor Led Display Module

LED Signs: Recommendations for Your Business

So, if you have a business where you need to change your message regularly with an affordable solution, a scrolling LED sign board is the way to go.

This is a board with LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs with different configurations. When electronic pulses are sent to the LED bulbs with integrated circuits and software, they activate the bulb. The visual change on the sign is achieved with an on-and-off pattern that continuously runs when you turn it on.

Top Pick: Illuminate your space with DS ledsign’s vibrant LED display, perfect for capturing attention in a variety of settings. This product stands out for its effortless programming, versatile orientation options, and premium quality components.

DS LEDSign Full Scrolling Programmable Signs

Runner Up: Boost your brand’s visibility with POLAR Light’s cutting-edge LED sign, suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising. This product promises clarity and versatility, ensuring your message gets across.

POLAR Light Full LED RGB Color Sign

Best Value: Enhance your business visibility with Rayhome’s dynamic LED sign. Crafted for business owners who value unique and clear advertising displays, this product guarantees to make your storefront or indoor space attention-grabbing.

Rayhome Scrolling Advertising LED Signs

The FTELEDLIGHT sign can be installed indoors or outdoors because of the waterproof nano-coating on its surface. At 40×11 inches it uses a P7 configuration for high pitch and brightness to display text and animations. You can use a PC or Android device over a Wi-Fi connection to change the message on your board. The company offers a 1-year warranty service.

This full-color LED sign uses SMD technology for brighter colors in a single square or dot. At 40″ x 8″ you get a P10 MM display you can program text, date, time, and company logo using a PC or phone. This is an indoor unit with multiple language support.

Full Color High Resolution Scrolling LED Signs

A wireless keyboard gives the Leadleds sign the ability to input messages without any other device. At 30×6 inches this board offers multicolored text, images, animation, partition function, and scrolling with a 7.62mm pitch and 1-10 levels of brightness.

The second LED sign from POLARLIGHT comes in at 40″ x 8″ with full-color high resolution and new SMD display technology. You get full-color LED with a P10 pixel density and Wi-Fi connection using a PC and smartphone. It supports 98 scrolling options for text, time, images, and company logo.


This flexible 14 x 3-inch LED matrix panel can be installed on your storefront window as well as your company car.  A Bluetooth app lets you control the text, patterns, and GIF animations. You can also design your text and display mode for custom messages.

This is a full-color 40”x9” P6 display with remote programming capability using a PC as well as an Android app or iPhone over Wi-Fi. With 6mm between the LED bulbs, it delivers a great pitch for easy-to-read messages. This is an indoor unit.

A 40×25 inch RGB display with seven colors will give you more ways to customize your message. This board also includes Wi-Fi capability along with a mobile app and USB connectivity. This unit is for indoor installation with semi-outdoor capability depending on where it is installed.

PLAN HOOT RGB Display LED Scrolling Sign

You can program your LED sign using your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and remote control with a keyboard in some cases. Programming is as easy as installing or downloading the software, choosing your message, font, image, animation, brightness, color, and the number of lines, and saving your settings. With the right board, you can also make your changes remotely.

The price depends on the size of the LED sign and whether you are buying a ready-made or custom board. The price can start as low as a couple of hundred dollars and go up to thousands of dollars. Again, this will depend on the many different customization options now available with LED boards.

The goal of an LED sign is to showcase your business with an easy-to-read message. Here are some of the features you should look for to make that possible.

Size: LED signs can get pretty big, so make sure to choose one that is ideal for where it will be installed without being a distraction.

The number of lines: You now have the option of having multiple lines on an LED sign. However, more is not always better because too much information can confuse your customers.

Multiple Colors: Color options let you be more creative to get the attention of your customers.

Easy to use Software: The easier the software is to use on your sign, the more you’ll be able to customize and change your messages without any expert help.

Two-Sided Sign: Having a two-sided sign optimizes outdoor/road installations where people are coming and going in both directions.

Pitch/Text Resolution: Smaller pitch delivers more clarity as well as viewing range, they can be 15, 20, 25, or 30 millimeters.

Time on/off Function: This gives you the option of turning off the sign when your business is closed if you choose to do so.

Outdoor Capability: If the sign is an outdoor installation, you have to ensure it can withstand the elements such as rain and snow.

Something to remember when you install your scrolling LED sign is to always have the latest information about your products, services, or promotions. Having information that is no longer relevant will drive your customers away if they come in to inquire about what the sign is displaying.

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LED Signs: Recommendations for Your Business

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