The 9 Best Electric Blankets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

The Shavel Micro Flannel Reverse Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket heats up quickly, feels so soft, and cleans with ease

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The 9 Best Electric Blankets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Are you a lover of all things cozy? Grab a book or the remote, because your lounging space is about to get a whole lot more toasty with our favorite electric blankets. These aren’t your grandmother’s heated blankets, though. Today’s electric blankets are designed to fit into a variety of home aesthetics, and PEOPLE is here to guide you on what to look for when making your choice.

“There are a few ways to identify a high-quality heated blanket," Laurie March, a project manager, remodeling pro, and digital host for HGTV, tells PEOPLE. "Look for a UL certification and a warranty on the product for at least one year. Heated blankets can come in an array of soft synthetic fabrics, as well as natural fibers, so a comfortable texture and feel can be found for just about everyone."

Everyone but your four-legged friends, that is. “Sadly, experts advise that pets should be kept off your bed when your heated blanket is in use, so that they don’t damage the coils,” adds March. Humans, however, can enjoy all the benefits of electric blankets, both in keeping warm, and in keeping costs down as you may be able to set your smart thermostat to a lower nighttime temperature. 

March also suggests investing in a blanket with an automatic shut-off or a timer feature. “Use the automatic shut-off setting or timer on your heated blanket to defend against chilly nights and high energy bills,” adds March. “Newer electric blankets heat up in minutes, and for fire safety, should not be used all night.”

Keep reading for the best electric blankets, tested by PEOPLE.

Took just five minutes to warm up to a cozy temperature without us feeling overheated

Two-zone heating for queen and king sizes; ideal if you sleep with a partner

Material is soft, has a nice weight, and doesn't shed

Machine washable and easy to spot clean if you spill food or drink on it

We couldn't figure out how to work the programmable features that are advertised, such as the timer

This is a beautiful, effective electric blanket that kept us cozy and calm within just five minutes of use. It warmed quickly without overheating, and combined with the luxurious weight, we almost fell asleep while resting under this electric blanket. The materials are high quality — quilted stitching offers that durable feel, and the addition of the sherpa adds so much softness (without leaving any of those annoying fuzzies behind). We could not feel any of the wires inside, and the cords are minimal.

In the king size version (the one we tested), as well as the queen size, there are two controllers included — so if you sleep with a partner, each person can attain their desired temperature. In our spilled coffee spot treatment test, we were able to easily remove most of the stain, though the flannel side might take an extra spot cleaning. Given the quality and durability of this blanket, we were pleasantly surprised by the price point.

The only downside was the lack of programming capabilities — we couldn’t find any instructions on how to program beyond the auto shut-off feature. That aside, we think this is a cozy, comfortable, and durable electric blanket that offers the user total control over the heat settings and provides important safety features.

How it’s held up: Beyond our lab tests, we put this electric blanket to use in a tester’s home for six months to see how well it performed over time. Our tester loved snuggling under this blanket. It’s super soft and being a king size, very spacious to wrap up in. They did wish the cords were spaced out a little more because they tended to get twisted up in one another. That said it, heats up quickly and stays warm for a while (with an auto shut-off safety feature). On laundry day, just remove the cords and wash it on a gentle cycle before tumble drying on low. The quality has remained consistent during use, and our tester said it’s the best heated blanket they’ve ever had.

Heat settings: 10 | Auto shut-off: Yes, up to 12 hours | Material: 100% polyester cover | Machine wash: Yes | Dimensions: 100 x 90 inches (king); 90 x 84 inches (queen) | Weight: 8 lbs. | ETL certified: Yes

Undetectable wires evenly distribute heat throughout

We found the controller to be very user-friendly

Features a six-hour automatic shut-off

Needs to soak before machine washing, making cleaning a bit more complicated

Smaller in size compared to other blankets we tested

Here’s a simple, no-frills product that does what it promises and does it well — the epitome of a great budget choice. The velour fabric is soft (as is the sherpa underside) and the wires are not particularly evident while in use. The controller is very easy to use and the wires are also well-distributed, which makes the blanket more comfortable and provides good, thoroughly distributed heat.

This blanket features a six-hour shut-off and did well in our spot-cleaning test. Though we wish the throw was longer, we would recommend it to those who want a basic heated throw. It would be nice if the cleaning instructions were easier, too — they include pre-soaking before putting in the washing machine.

How it’s held up: This electric blanket was another tester favorite. Our tester used it for six months at home and said they frequently came home to their dog snuggled under it while it was off (to echo our expert, pets shouldn’t lie on them when heated). The cord is quite versatile: Its length allows you to plug it in while sitting in a variety of places, whether on the couch, a chair, or even in bed. The controller is also user-friendly, and the blanket heats up quickly (with an auto-shut off function). Over the course of our test period, there was also no damage despite many washes.

Heat settings: 4 | Auto shut-off: Yes, after 6 hours | Material: Polyester and cotton | Dimensions: 50 x 60 inches | Weight: 3.48 lbs. | ETL certified: Yes

Big enough to use outdoors for camping or sporting events

One side of the fabric is water-resistant

Relatively affordable compared to other electric blankets we tested

We were able to feel the wires during use (although the blanket still remained flexible)

Did not perform properly after machine washing, so we would only suggest spot cleaning

If you’re looking for extra warmth while camping or watching sports outdoors this fall and winter, look no further than Eddie Bauer’s portable electric throw. A pocket for the battery with a velcro closure means you can take this blanket with you, and the fabric itself is weather-resistant.

We were able to feel the wires, but it did not detract from the blanket’s flexibility. It’s an easy size to manage on the go, even with the weight of the battery, and provides four to six hours of heat and three heat settings. It warmed immediately, and the heat is focused in the hand pouch area which is ideal for camping, sporting events and more. This blanket did not work well after machine-washing it, so we would only recommend spot-cleaning. 

Heat settings: 3 | Material: Polyester and nylon | Dimensions: 50 x 40 inches | Weight: 3.03 lbs. | Machine wash: No

Intuitive controls make this blanket easy to use and adjust

17-foot-long cord provides flexibility in where you use this blanket

Two-zone heating is ideal if you sleep with a partner

Flannel may eventually pill; additional testing may be needed

You can adjust the temperature and timer to your heart’s content with this blanket, designed with a mainly flannel feel and a silky border. The blanket heated up as expected, and the controls were intuitive to use, with up and down arrow buttons for the temperature and timer.

We started with the blanket at room-temperature 70 degrees. On a low setting, we measured the blanket at 76 degrees, and on a high setting, 81 degrees. The wires (which are not overly obvious but still noticeable) were evenly spaced throughout the blanket, which also has dual settings so two people can use at once. The flannel feels soft, and would be a great pairing to your seasonal flannel sheets and a cozy comforter. Overall, this blanket is easy to use and effective, if a bit pricey.

How it’s held up: Our tester never experienced any issues with the blanket in the six months they tested it at home. The tester and their partner appreciated the dual controls and how well the blanket fit their king-sized bed. Plus the material was a good texture (soft and not too scratchy), the cord was long enough to reach the closest plug, and the controls were user-friendly. When in use, the electric blanket heated up quickly, maintained a consistent temperature, and automatically shut-off after extended use. For the best experience, we suggest turning the blanket on while you’re doing your skincare routine or getting ready for bed so you can immediately feel the warmth once it's time to go to sleep.

Heat settings: 8 | Auto shut-off: Yes, after 10 hours | Programmable: Yes | Material: Quilted micro flannel (polyester) | Dimensions: 90 x 72 inches | Cord length: 17 inches | Weight: 8 lbs. | Machine wash: Yes

Wires are not noticeable or crinkly when shifting under the blanket

All programmed settings are user-friendly

Built to last with machine-washable fabric and a 5-year warranty

Does not get as warm as some of the other models we tested

Fabric slightly matted after spot-cleaning

A bit heavy, but if you like weighted blankets, it’s not necessarily a con

If you’re interested in sleeping with an electric blanket that won’t take over the bed or couch, the Perfect Fit SoftHeat Luxury blanket is a contender. With a 10-hour shut-off and a non-bulky feel, it’s a nice addition to a bed if you run cold at night.

We did not notice discernible wires on this blanket, nor did the insides produce any crinkling sound. It was just the right feel and weight as an addition to your other bedding, too. We found this blanket to get comfortably warm, but less so than others we tested — probably not the best choice for truly frigid nights. 

Spot cleaning was successful, though the fabric did get a bit matted in the process. We were able to fluff it back up as it dried after spot cleaning. This electric blanket would be good for someone who wants light warmth and a no-fuss setup. It’s a good value and would make a nice gift for a relative or friend.

How it’s held up: After using this blanket for six months, our tester still appreciates its performance. It heats up quickly without getting too hot, and provides a cozy experience with a soft fleece material. We found it can feel heavy at times, which could be good or bad depending on if you like weighted blankets. The cord length was long enough to be versatile in various spots around the tester’s home and the control button was user-friendly.

Auto shut-off: Yes, after 10 hours | Material: Micro fleece and polyester | Dimensions: 90 x 84 inches (Queen) | Weight: 7.63 lbs. | Machine wash: Yes | Warranty: 5 years

Plush fabric feels soft and luxurious, and is machine washable

Super discreet wires that aren’t visible and don’t crinkle when you move around

19-foot-long cord provides flexible seating

Controller screen is not backlit, making it hard to see in the dark

Dual-controller is more work if you’re using the blanket by yourself

There are lots of thoughtful touches in the design and manufacture of this blanket. The wires are so discreet that this could even pass as a regular blanket. The dual controls (on the larger sizes) are well-designed, too: The control panel is angled upward, which makes it easier to see. The cords are also flatter than some others we tested, which makes them easy to maneuver, and less likely to get tangled. 

The thin, plush fabric has a very soft, warm, and luxurious feel, and you have a lot of control when it comes to warmth with a variety of settings. In our tests, the temperature went up 10 degrees on the high setting, and four degrees on the low setting. You can also program the shut-off time, anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours.

After washing, the blanket still looked and felt good, and performed to the level of its original capabilities. We found it to be an overall solid value, though we do wish the controller had a backlit screen for better visibility at night.

How it’s held up: After our two-month testing period, we still appreciated the plushness this blanket offered. The dual controls are really designed for two-person use, so if you’re one person using the blanket, having to set both controls could be a setback; otherwise, it’s a neat feature. The auto-shut off function kicks on after 10 hours, so you can sleep with this blanket and be warm all night (the lowest warmth setting was our tester’s most-used, except on especially cold nights).

Heat settings: 10 | Auto shut-off: Yes | Material: Faux sherpa polyester | Dimensions: 77 x 84 inches (full) | Cord length: 19 inches | Machine wash: Yes

Heats up quickly; warmed up 14 degrees in just 15 minutes

Will last you a while as it’s machine washable and has a 5-year warranty

Foot pocket to keep your toes warm (so they won’t stick out as often happens with blankets)

Only has three temperature settings

Plug feels large given the size of the blanket

We found loose threads around the plug

If you’re coming inside on a rainy day and want to get warm fast, this blanket is a great choice. We loved how fast it warmed up, and on the high setting, it warmed to a toasty 82 degrees. The size makes this electric blanket a good choice as a throw blanket for the couch, and the fabric is rather thin but soft. It also has a heated foot pocket so your toes won’t stick out from under the blanket (say less).

However, some loose threads around the plug (and the disproportionately large size of the plug itself) were the drawbacks for us on this one. It wasn’t the easiest to unplug, either. There are just three temperature settings on this model — low, medium, and high. On the high setting, the blanket warmed up 14 degrees from its starting temperature in our test, and in just 15 minutes. Overall, we appreciated the soft feel and quick heat time of this electric blanket. 

How it’s held up: This blanket easily covered two people sitting on the couch. We were surprised with how well the blanket performed — with its quick heat-up time, comfortable material, and snug foot pocket to keep toes from being exposed. In general, it was intuitive to use, but we wished it had a longer shut-off time and that the cord wasn’t as bulky. Overall, we enjoyed using this blanket for over the course of six months.

Heat settings: 3 | Auto shut-off: Yes | Material: Polyester | Weight: 3.72 lbs. | Dimensions: 50 x 62 inches | Cord length: 6 feet | Warranty: 5 years | Machine wash: Yes

Large enough to completely wrap up in or spread out across a couch or bed

Wires are barely noticeable, so it feels like you’re under a regular blanket (that’s just really warm)

Faux fur is extremely soft and perfect to cozy up in

Heats up quickly (around 21 degrees in just a few minutes)

Heat seemed to fade after around 10 minutes as our bodies adjusted to the temperature

Doesn’t repel liquids; it did have a stain after we spilled coffee on it

This plush faux fur electric blanket from Beautyrest made a moment of rest that much more peaceful for our team. It’s so large we’re calling it a wrap blanket, as you can lounge in your favorite chair or on the couch and be enveloped (literally) by warmth. We barely noticed the heat wires, and while there is technically only one correct way to wear the wrap (which is comfier than even your favorite robe), both sides are equally soft and comfortable. You’ll immediately feel how cozy the faux fur material is when snuggling under this blanket.

While the blanket heated up quickly, and jumped a staggering 21 degrees in temperature, it didn’t feel that hot for more than 10 minutes or so (almost like a heating pad, where you feel the intensity of the heat at first and then it sort of fades the longer you have it on your body). Being a fur-like material, it will absorb water more often than it repels, but this isn’t a dealbreaker for us considering there are few cozy blankets that are actually water-resistant. A word of caution when making your morning coffee or winding down with a glass of wine: We spilled coffee on it, and it left a stain even after cleaning. That said, it is technically machine-washable and can be spot-cleaned well for most types of stains (other than coffee, of course).

This electric blanket has user-friendly settings with five heat levels and an automatic shut-off feature after two hours should you fall asleep while wearing it. We think this would be a great electric blanket for a senior, and it’s pretty affordable compared to others on our list. As soon as we took off this blanket, we wanted to put it back on — and we expect you will too.

Heat settings: 5 | Auto shut-off: Yes, 2 hours | Programmable: Yes | Material: Ultra-soft polyester | Dimensions: 65.5 x 50 inches | Weight: 3.75 lbs. | Machine wash: Yes | UL certified: Yes

Wires were quiet when adjusting the blanket around us, no crinkly sounds

Backlit screen makes it easy to adjust the settings in the dark

Comes with 10 heat settings with an 11-degree range

Harder to spot-clean compared to other blankets we tested

Non-adjustable auto shut-off (after 4 hours), so not ideal for sleeping

Two materials often means double the comfort, and that’s certainly the case here. The inside of this throw is a fluffy sherpa fabric, and the outside is a soft, velour type. A light-up screen makes it easy to adjust the temperature and heating time. The highest setting was quite warm, but with a wide range of 10 heat settings, there’s an option for everyone. The 11-degree change in our test felt like a huge jump in temperature. There was definitely a noticeable shift, but it was nice and cozy once heated. The cord is a generous length, and the auto shut-off kicks in at four hours. 

While the wires inside the blanket were silent (no crinkling here), they were noticeable. Still, it does not diminish the soft, delicate feel, which was our favorite thing about this particular model. The downsides? A wet rag didn’t tackle the stain well in our spot testing. And it’s unclear whether the blanket will feel the same after machine washing. We’d recommend it as a smaller throw to use while relaxing, but not for sleeping due to the smaller size and auto shut-off time.

Heat settings: 10 | Auto shut-off: Yes, after 4 hours | Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 60 x 50 inches | Weight: 3.74 lbs.

“Make sure the heating control is easy to read and easy to operate,” Deanna Hodges, the CEO of H2 Home Collection and Hodges International, tells PEOPLE Tested. “Look for a blanket with an auto shut-off and a timer. Always consider your needs and how easy or difficult the blanket temperature may be to control or regulate.” The Shavel Micro Flannel High Quality Durable Heating Technology Electric Blanket features both auto shut-off and a timer for ultimate customization that's easy to use.

“A UL certification means that the blanket has been tested and deemed safe for use by underwriters laboratories,” says Hodges. “There are many blankets out there, especially online, that do not have a UL certification.” She suggests erring on the side of caution and finding one that has the UL certification. “It will be worth it in the long run to know that your blanket has been independently tested and deemed safe,” she says. Check the packaging and the cord for UL certification or ETL certification, as they are often printed on the item itself, and not necessarily in the online description. Several blankets we tested passed ETL certification, including the Shavel Micro Flannel Quilted Heated Blanket (our best overall pick) and the CureCure Heated Blanket.

We tested all sorts of electric blankets, ranging in price from $36 to $350. The size of the blanket is often a key factor in pricing, as you can typically buy a twin, queen, or king, and often a throw size, too. If you plan to use an electric blanket on your bed, don’t skimp on the size — you’ll regret not having more surface area. But if you’re buying one to warm up a couch for cozy nights, get the best quality you can afford in a throw size.

“If you are part of a couple, consider a blanket with two controls and two zones," Hodges says. "This makes it easier for each person to find their perfect temperature and keeps everyone happy!” She says keeping an electric blanket or two on hand can really help with your electric bill in the winter months — making it more comfortable to keep the heat a bit lower. Electric blankets on this list that feature two-zone heating include the Shavel Micro Flannel Quilted Heated Blanket and the Shavel Micro Flannel Solid Electric Quilted Blanket.

“If you know that you are going to buy an electric blanket, do not wait until the winter,” Hodges recommends, adding that prices are often higher then. She suggests buying one in the summer, if available, and then putting it away until it gets colder. “As soon as the weather changes you will be happy that you already bought yours at a fraction of the price,” she says.

We got comfortable sitting under 27 different blankets and ran through the features to get a feel for each one. We paid special attention to whether we could feel the wires inside that warm up the blanket, and whether they made any crinkling sounds. 

Using an IR thermometer, our team noted the temperature of the blanket while off, as well as turned on to various heating levels, also testing how long it took for them to heat up. We made sure the auto shut-off feature worked properly on each blanket, and spilled some coffee on each one to test how easy it was to spot-clean the stain. 

We gave each blanket a rating of 1 to 5 on its feel, effectiveness, heat, durability, and ease of use. Then, after learning the retail price, we gave it a rating from 1 to 5 for its value. The individual and cumulative scores were all considered in naming the PEOPLE Tested winners. To ensure longevity results, we continued testing the electric blankets at home so we could measure performance over time. Continued winners stayed on our list, and those that couldn’t go the distance lost their spots.

According to our tests, the Shavel Micro Flannel Quilted Heated Blanket was the best overall option. We found it to be super soft, and we loved that it warmed up to a nice temperature in just five minutes. It has 10 heat settings in addition to the auto shut-off feature and was easy to spot clean. In terms of size and quality, we thought it was a good value for the price.

This depends entirely on where you’ll be using it. Before buying, our experts suggest measuring your space to make sure the cord connected to the blanket will reach the outlet where you intend to use it. “Long electrical cords are ideal to reach your outlets while remaining comfortable,” a representative for Bed Bath & Beyond tells PEOPLE. We certainly appreciated the 19-foot-long cord on the Brookstone N-A-P Full Heated Plush Blanket.

When it comes to features for an electric blanket — whether that's programmable timers, two-zone heating, or automatic shut-off — it's all about figuring out what works best with your lifestyle. We don’t necessarily suggest sleeping with an electric blanket, but if you need to for any reason, then look for blankets that have a longer auto shut-off time rather than shorter, so it doesn't turn off after a couple of hours.

However, if you're just wanting an electric blanket for reading or watching TV, then a shorter auto shut-off period isn't a deal-breaker. There are also some blankets that offer programmable timers so you can choose exactly how long it stays on, or more exact temperatures. If you expect to use it a lot — or have kids — perhaps prioritize a blanket that is machine washable or easy to spot clean.

Rennie Dyball is a contributing freelance writer who’s tested many products in the home and cleaning space. Madison Yauger is a senior commerce writer at PEOPLE who’s tested hundreds of lifestyle products across all categories. For this story, they spoke to a Bed Bath & Beyond representative and project manager, remodeling pro, and digital host for HGTV Laurie March and Deanna Hodges, the CEO of H2 Home Collection and Hodges International, as well as used insights from our lab tests and home tests to determine the best electric blankets of 2024.

We created the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval to help you find the very best products for your life. We use our unique methodology to test products in three labs across the country and with our network of home testers to determine their effectiveness, durability, ease of use, and so much more. Based on the results, we rate and recommend products so you can find the right one for your needs. 

But we don’t stop there: We also regularly re-review the categories in which we’ve awarded the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval — because the best product of today might not be the best of tomorrow. And by the way, companies can never buy our recommendation: Their products must earn it, fair and square. 

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The 9 Best Electric Blankets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

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